The best AI Shop Assistant for Beauty & Fashion E-Commerce

Make your customers find the perfect products. Personalize their shopping experience, and offer real-time assistance to boost AOVs and customer satisfaction.

At Stella AI, we bridge the gap between offline and online shopping experiences. Our mission is to enhance e-commerce with AI-powered personalization and real-time assistance.

Why choose Stella AI?

Enhance Customer Experience

Deliver personalized product suggestions based on expert knowledge. Transform online shopping into a unique journey with AI-driven recos.

Increase Average Order Value

Boost your sales with personalized recommendations that encourage higher-value purchases. Experience an average order value increase of up to 60%.

Boost Customer Engagement

Engage customers with real-time, AI-powered assistance. Provide instant answers to product and service queries, enhancing their shopping experience.

Seamless Integration Guaranteed

Implement our AI solution effortlessly with your systems. Enjoy a smooth integration process with no disruption to your operations.

Help your Customers find the perfect Products

Stella AI for Beauty Brands

Help your customers find the perfect products and assist them in real-time during their buying journey.

AI powered customer analysis solution
Personalized product recommendations
AI-Powered Chat Agent for real-time assistance
Enhanced CRM data collection

Stella AI for Fashion Brands

Help your customers find products in their best colors and that match their body shape & personal style.

Color type, body shape, and style analysis
Product recommendations based on analysis results
Seamless integration in your website
Automated sync of customer data with your CRM

Stella AI for Eyewear Brands

Recommend sunglasses and frames that perfectly match a customer's individual color type.

Color type analysis via selfie
Product matching based on analysis results
Fully customizable look & feel
Automated sync with your CRM system

Beauty & Fashion Brands trust Stella AI

Innovative and successful fashion and beauty brands use Stella AI to build stronger relationships with their customers, do better marketing and sell more.

Do you want to convert & retain more shoppers? Let's get started with Stella AI!